We have posted picutures of many different hair styles such as Long Styles, Semi-long, Medium, Bobs, Short Styles, Very short, Men's, Kids, Hair arrangements, Crazy colours and so on in our gallery. Do take a look at it. We also have space reserved for pictures of perms and colours as well. The gallery consists of pictures of professional models from Japan as well as styles done in our Singapore salon. The hairstyles sported by the professional models are also very special so do make use of them. If you have a style that you would like to try or would like something to suit the climate in Singapore, do feel free to bring your own pictures. Over the next few months, we will be putting up more photos so if you have any styles that you would like to see do let us know. We also upload pictures of styling that we do for our customers and if you'd like to see your photo uploaded just let any of our staff know. Keep the photos of your styled hair in its best condition and show it off to your friends!

Art-Noise Singapore will be on the lookout for exclusive models. While the competition may be tough,please do apply if you feel confident. The pictures will be used for our Style Gallery as well as in advertisments. You never know if this will be the birth of a new supermodel! We will try to choose a style that would suit you the best but if you would like to challenge a specific style, we are up for it as well!

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