Art-Noise Beauty Salon Concept

One of the top-ranking Beauty Salons in Tokyo is at Holland Village, Singapore

Hair Salon Art-Noise, Holland Village, is the first overseas outlet of one of the top-ranking Beauty Salons in Tokyo and the very first Japanese hair salon to open in the West area of Singapore.

Beauty Salon Art-Noise Japan was opened on 18 September 2003 in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Hair Salon Art-Noise has continuously been at the forefront of the industry within the highly competitive Ikebukuro area for the last 16 years.

Art-noise Japan hair salon has been investigating the newest hairstyle and updating its techniques and customer services as the most advanced Beauty Salon in Japan from the opening of the Beauty Salon. As a result, our hair salon is evaluated as one of the top-ranked Beauty salon in Japan.

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Our Singapore outlet located at Holland Village was opened on 1 September 2014. At Art-Noise hair salon Singapore, we have 6 highly skilled hair stylists. We promise to provide the superior level of skills and services in Singapore as we are doing at our hair salon in Japan.

Our hair salon in Singapore is also investigating the best hairstyling and hair treatment that matches with the climate of Singapore and the hair-characteristic of the customers living in Singapore. Customers of our hair salon in Singapore can enjoy our professional services as the fruit of the investigation with their satisfactory experiences at hair salon.

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We are proud to provide highly skilled techniques that have been well-received by many. We strongly recommend our extensive hair treatment and head spa menu. We use our very own shampoo and treatment, invented through incorporation with the customers’ feedback.

Art-Noise hair salon strives to use only the non-damaging blend of chemicals in our products which are all made in Japan. And we only hire the best Japanese stylists in our hair salons, as we believe it is the best way to provide the highest satisfaction to our customers at our hair salons!

We listen carefully to the needs and demands of our customers. If you are looking for a good hair salon where you can trust your tresses to, Art-Noise hair salon will be the perfect choice for you.

Both English and Japanese are okay, so please feel free to contact us! Let's resolve any problems you have with your hair in Singapore, together.

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hair salon singapore Short hair cut

Short hair cut

hair salon singapore Premium Aqua Rebonding

Premium Aqua Rebonding

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hair salon singapore S-AQUA


hair salon singapore Balayage Hair Colour

Balayage Hair Colour

hair salon singapore Aqua Rebonding

Aqua Rebonding



Art-Noise is a hair salon chain originating from Tokyo, Japan. Our first salon is located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, which has the greatest number of salons in the world. Our second is in Singapore, and now our third salon has opened in Melbourne. Art-Noise beat a thousand salons to win the grand prix prize at SPCN 2009, the largest competition in the beauty industry in Japan.
The Art-Noise stylists are all Japanese, and are all senior stylists with many years of experience in Japan.

Art-Noise clinches the SPCN Management Contest Grand Prix Award!


SPCN is the most formidable salon association in Japan. What makes it formidable is the fact that it is managed by one of the largest consulting firms in Japan. As a mark of its excellence, the association has over 1,000 salons across Japan registered under it. In addition, the average sales amongst the registered salons last year went up 20% from the previous year. A great achievement worthy of the association's reputation.

Art-Noise emerged as an award-winning salon among those 1,000 salons to clinch the Best Salon Award by the association.

Amongst salons even in Tokyo, Art-Noise stands out as a highly frequented and popular salon.

The contest involved an evaluation of the salon's technique, sales, rate of returning customers and customers' satisfication over the span of one year.

The stylists working in Art-Noise's Singapore branch are stringently selected from a pool of highly qualified stylist in award-winning salons. They make up the welcoming team of Art-Noise staff who are always ready to advise you on your concerns.




Stylist Sayuri will leave the company and return to Japan at the end of August 2024!

If you would like Sayuri to cut your hair, we are waiting for you.

Daisuke’s schedule

Daisuke works on Monday the 20th. He will be taking Tuesday the 28th off instead. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Business notice

The salon  will be open from December 31st to January 1st and 2nd.

Daisuke and Yuka will take a day off.

Sayuri is also closed on January 1st.

Aki will be working on the 31st, 1st and 2nd, so please feel free to make a appointment.

*everything else is normal*


Daisuke Monday

Yuka       Monday

Aki         Thursday

Sayuri    Wednesday


Stylist Sayuri will return to Japan temporarily from Nov 17th to 26th. Please make a reservation before Nov 17th or after Nov 26th.


Stylist Akimitsu will return to Japan temporarily from April 5th to 17th. Please make a reservation before April 5th or after April 17th.



Street address 38A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277694
Access 3 minute walk from MRT Holland Village
9 minute walk from MRT Buona Vista
Google Map
Tel +65-6463-3651
Sms +65-8338-0958
phone reservations are prioritized
Business hours 10:00~21:00/ Last appointment20:00
Sunday 10:00~20:00 / Last appointment 19:00
Closed No
Accepted Credit Cards AMEX JCB MasterCard VISA Citibank 
Email hello.sg@art-noise.com
Website https://www.art-noise.sg/
Quality tailored to Singaporeans hair

Responses to common questions on hair by Singaporeans

Art-Noise, a Japanese hair salon, has been operating in Ikebukuro, a highly competitive area, for many years. We have served customers from many different places in Ikebukuro and our hair stylists have dealt with many different hair types.

Some common problems among Singaporeans are the lack of volume, itchy or oily scalp. While keeping your worries in mind, we strive to provide the best hair services for you. In addition, we will recommend hairstyles that are fashionable and trendy. Our salon staff do not just consist of Japanese - we have a Singaporean receptionist as well. Thus, you don’t have to worry about not being able to get your concerns or requests across to our stylists. For those of you with damaged hair, do consider using our in-house SHA shampoo.

Please do drop by Art-Noise, the Japanese Hair Salon, for a visit!

Hair salon Art-Noise Original Shampoo & Treatment SHA


Hair salon Art-Noise Original SHA Shampoo & Treatment

The Original SHA shampoo and treatment is a premium shampoo and treatment system formulated by incorporating all the comments, knowledge and experience from more than 40,000 people including customers, development researchers and the Art-Noise staff.

The acronym SHA refers to Scalp, Hair and Art-Noise. It holds the meaning of supporting your scalp, hair and Art-Noise.

It was developed with the hopes that our customers would always use it.
For that purpose, the products have been developed while keeping in mind the safety aspects, ingredients and ease of use.


About Holland Village

Holland Village is approximately a 10 minutes’ drive from the central part of Singapore. It is coined as “Singapore’s Daikanyama” among the Japanese who have been to this area. Daikanyama, which is in Tokyo, is known for its leading edge in the fashion and beauty industry.

Holland Village is a place where the Westerners love to gather too. You will be able to experience the diverse culture if you were to drop by the area. Even fellow Singaporeans cannot resist visiting Holland village for its great atmosphere, be it daytime or nighttime.

With the frequent introduction of Holland Village in travel guides around the world, the popularity of Holland Village has been on the rise. Another reason why Holland Village is so popular can be credited to the generous amount of greenery and nature available. Japanese ladies love to have their lunch or tea break here as it is very quiet and peaceful in the day.

There is a plethora of cafes, restaurants and amenity stores here at Holland Village. In the recent years, the number of hair salons setting up a branch here has also increased. With the constant support from our customers, Art-Noise is now one of the most popular hair salons in Holland village. Our salon first opened in Tokyo and branched out to Singapore back in December 2014. We will be opening our third salon in Melbourne in December 2017.

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