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One of the top-ranking hair salons in Tokyo is now open at Holland Village, Singapore!

Hair Salon Art-Noise is the very first Japanese hair salon to open in the West area, Singapore.

Hair Salon Art-Noise Japan is opened on 18 September 2003 in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Art-Noise has continuously been at the forefront of the industry in the highly competitive Ikebukuro area for the last 11 years. Up till date, we have 7 hairstylists, 1 hair colouring specialist, 1 eyelash extension specialist and 2 assistants at our Ikebukuro outlet.

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Our Singapore outlet located at Holland Village is opened on 1 September 2014. At Art-Noise Singapore, we have 6 equally highly skilled hair stylists. We promise to provide the same level of skills and service in Singapore as have in Japan.


We are proud to provide highly skilled techniques that have been reviewed well by many. We strongly recommend our extensive hair treatment and head spa menu. We use our very own shampoo and treatment, invented through incorporating the customers’ feedback.

Art-Noise strives to use only the non-damaging blend of chemicals in our products that are all made in Japan and only hire the best Japanese stylists in our salons, as we believe in providing the best to our customers!

We listen to the needs of our customers. If you are searching for a hair salon where you can trust your tresses to, Art-Noise is the perfect choice for you.

Both English and Japanese are okay, so please feel free to contact us! Let's resolve any problems you have with your hair in Singapore, together.


Art-Noise clinches the SPCN Management Contest Grand Prix Award!

SPCN is Japan's formidable salons association. What makes it formidable is the fact that it is managed by one of the largest consulting firms in Japan. As a mark of its excellence, the association has over 1,000 salons across Japan registered under it. In addition, the average sales amongst the registered salons last year went up 20% from the previous year. A great achievement worthy of association's reputation.

Art-Noise emerged as an award-winning salon among those 1,000 salons to clinch the Best Salon Award by the association.

Amongst salons even in Tokyo, Art-Noise stands out as a highly frequented and popular salon.

The contest involved an evaluation of the salon's technique, sales, rate of returning customers and customers' satisfication over the span of one year.

The stylists working in Art-Noise's Singapore branch are stringently selected from the pool of highly qualified stylists in the award-winning salon. They make up the welcoming team of Art-Noise staff who are always ready to advise you on your concerns.

Hair salon Art-Noise clinches the SPCN Management Contest Grand Prix Award Amongst salons even in Tokyo, Hair salon Art-Noise stands out as a highly frequented and popular salon



Stylist Yukie will be coming back!

From August 1st, it has been decided that Yukie will be working in Singapore. 

She will be available between 1st August till 28th August. She will be away every Wednesdays and between 7th August to 10th August. 

There may be days where she will be fully booked so we recommend that you make a reservation as soon as possible! 


Dear customers, please note that Art Noise will be closed on 17th July and 18th July for staff training. Thank you for your kind understanding:)


New male stylist in town!

Our new stylist Hajime just arrived in Singapore! He is starting work today (1st April 2017). He has been a stylist for 5 years and his specialty are bob style and cute round style. He is also good at hair arrangement, a service which he was popular for when he was back in Japan. Hajime has already received many appointments so please call early to secure one for yourself:)


Change in Operating Days

From January 2017 onwards, we will be open every Tuesdays as well as the third Monday of each month. In other words, we will be open everyday yay!

As for 2016, we will be open until 31 December 2016.

We hope to see more of our customers with this new change and we look forward to your visit to our salon very soon! (:


Our Newly Coming Stylist!!!

We are excited to annouce that a new stylist from Japan will be joining our crew from November 1st onwards!! Her name is Keiko, who is originally from Hyogo-ken, Japan. Until now, she has been working as the chief stylist in a renowned salon in Hyogo. She is especially skilled at styling short and bob hairstyles. Pre-booking for Keiko has already started, so please contact us if you want to make an early appointment with Keiko!! 

Salon Infomation

Hair salon Art-Noise
38A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277694
TEL:+65-6463-3651 phone reservations are prioritized
Business hours 10:00~20:00 / Last appointment19:00
Sunday 10:00~19:00 / Last appointment 18:00
Stylist Shuji's
Working Hours
 Last appointment 20:00
Sunday 10:00〜19:00
 Last appointment 18:00
Accepted Credit Cards We accept AMEX JCB MasterCard VISA Citibank 
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Latest Hairstyles

Hair salon Art-Noise Natural Curl
Hair salon Art-Noise Light and Airy Curls
Hair salon Art-Noise A little crazy
Hair salon Art-Noise Long Style

Popular Hairstyles

Hair salon Art-Noise Shiny Semi Dee
Shiny Semi Dee
Hair salon Art-Noise Semi-sweet short
Semi-sweet short
Hair salon Art-Noise  Tropical Curls
Tropical Curls
Hair salon Art-Noise Fleury spring
Fleury spring

Recommended Hairstyles

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soft sweetie
Hair salon Art-Noise Casual Bob
Casual Bob
Hair salon Art-Noise Natural Elegant
Natural Elegant
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Marshmallow Curls

Hair salon Art-Noise Original Shampoo & Treatment SHA

It is the Premier shampoo & treatment system was born knowledge and opinion, user experience of more than 40,000, development researcher, of the art-noise staff are fused.

H is A of ART-NOISE and A in H of hair in the scalp of S and S of the SHA.
It means scalp hair also ART-NOISE that support.

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